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Protect yourself from stupidity!

For a friend’s birthday, we put together a diploma thesis first aid kit containing a basic auxiliary supply of chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, bubble baths, and for especially hard cases of mind-boggling secondary literature – the Stupidity Protection Glove:

Filled with cotton wool to soften your facepalms

Comes with a convenient hand strap

The *facepalm* cushion – made with love.


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Miniature Anniversary Cake

We needed a small gift for my uncle and aunt’s 25th wedding anniversary, and we needed it quickly. The result: four layers of chocolate sponge cake with apricot jam in between, dark chocolate icing and self-made marzipan decoration. Considering I had a window of 30 minutes, it’s not even that bad.

Wedding Anniversary Cake

“Designing”, baking, layering, icing, decorating in 30 minutes. Does that make it fast food?